1. Mango (Mangifera indica): Mango trees are well-suited for Indian climates and require minimal maintenance once established.

2. Guava (Psidium guajava): Guava trees are drought-resistant and relatively low-maintenance.Guava is a tropical fruit that is widely consumed and appreciated for its unique flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits.

3. Pomegranate (Punica granatum): Pomegranate trees are hardy and can tolerate drought conditions.

Chikoo/Sapota (Manilkara zapota): Chikoo trees are easy to grow and require minimal care.

4. Chikoo

5. Amla/Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica): Amla trees are hardy and can thrive with minimal care.

6. Papaya (Carica papaya): Papaya plants are fast-growing and low-maintenance.

7. Jamun/Indian Blackberry (Syzygium cumini): Jamun trees are hardy and can tolerate various soil conditions. 20 best low-maintenance fruit trees

8. Custard Apple (Annona squamosa): Custard apple trees are relatively low-maintenance and produce sweet fruit. indoor plants in India.

9. Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus): Jackfruit trees are hardy and can withstand harsh conditions.

10. Banana (Musa spp.): Banana plants are easy to cultivate and require minimal attention.

11. Lemon (Citrus limon): Lemon trees are relatively low-maintenance and can thrive in various climates.

12. Indian Plum (Flacourtia indica): Indian Plum trees are drought-tolerant and require minimal care.

13. Bhel Known in India, this tree is the treatment of many diseases, the fruit of this tree is also in the shape of a ball.

14. Acerola Cherry (Malpighia emarginata): Acerola cherry trees are low-maintenance and rich in vitamin

15. Indian Jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana): Indian Jujube trees can tolerate drought conditions and produce small, sweet fruits. best fruit tree fertilizer.

16. Indian Fig (Opuntia ficus-indica): Indian Fig, also known as prickly pear, is a low-maintenance cactus that produces edible fruits. 20 best low-maintenance fruit trees.

17. Mulberry (Morus spp.): Mulberry trees are hardy and produce sweet, juicy berries. highest oxygen producing indoor plants in india. best fruits trees.

18. Indian Almond (Terminalia catappa): Indian Almond trees are drought-resistant and require minimal care. best fruit trees to grow in texas.

19. Carambola/Starfruit (Averrhoa carambola): Starfruit trees are low-maintenance and produce uniquely shaped, tangy fruits. best fruit trees to grow.

20. Bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi): Bilimbi trees are easy to grow and produce tart fruits often used in Indian cuisine best fruits trees.

We present you with the 20 best low-maintenance fruit trees to be found in India. Can be installed on the terrace, patio, balcony, or outside the house. 20 Best Low Maintenance Fruit Trees