top 12 oxygen trees name in india
10 oxygen plants info in delhi
highest oxygen producing indoor trees in india
top 12 oxygen trees name in india
10 oxygen plants info in delhi
highest oxygen producing indoor trees in india
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Top 4 most oxygen plants and trees info in India

 We will tell you the right info about trees and plants. through our website and blog, trees and plants have covered you. In the true sense, we have to understand what do you need for trees and plants?and what they need for their food?Which soil is best for indoor plants?

We need to know this:Which soil is best for outdoor plants?

We need to know this:Which soil is best for trees? We need to know which tree the tree has to be best place planted, how to take care of it, does the tree need fertilizer, take care of these things.We will give you detailed information about trees and plants, you will stay with us.

low maintenance fruit trees in india

Peepal trees

There is no doubt about that. Peepal gives 24/7 oxygen to all of us whereas Peepal trees can live up to 2500 years. Or the special thing about Peepal trees is that we can plant Peepal trees at any time, it grows anywhere and must have seen.12 types of Indian oxygen tree plants in India.

Banyan trees

The banyan tree is the most oxygen-giving tree and the age of this. The tree is also very long, it can be more than 500+ years, such a good age because its trunk Roots start growing. and banyan trees get more strength and can be easily planted anywhere. oxygen trees in India

Neem Trees

You must have heard about the neem tree found in our country India. But today we were told about the benefits of it. As for oxygen, flowers, leaves, fruits, bark, gum, oil, seeds, all these are found in neem. There are innumerable benefits from all these things, people use them to make soap, neem oil,

Indian Bael Trees

trees can be planted anywhere in the whole of India. Because this tree does not have to be taken care of much. The best way to plant this tree is you can plant it in the courtyard of your house or even outside the house. The origin of the vine is the fruit of the ancient texts of the Vedic period {2,000 - 800 BC}.

Aloe Vera Plant

Not only does this plant remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air, but it also absorbs carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It is a fantastic house plant because it is small, easy to grow, and requires little maintenance.

It grows mainly in the dry regions of Africa. Asia. Europe, America.

top oxygen trees in india

 Money plants

The money plant is a creeper plant native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves are always green. They are arranged alternatively on the stem and are shaped like a heart. These air-filtering indoor plants are among the most effective air purifiers
Pothos Plant

best12 oxygen trees plants name in india.Green Spider Plant

Spider Plant

These air-purifying bedroom plants grow easily and require minimal maintenance. It requires well-drained soil and two to three waters each week. One plant is supposedly sufficient to purify the air in a for a home garden and balcony

Areca Palm.

Areca Palm Plants

Dipsis lutescens, also known as golden cane palm, areca palm, yellow palm, butterfly palm, or bamboo palm, is a species of flowering plant in the Areca ceae family, native to Madagascar. Can be installed indoors or outdoors.

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