We will never give you any advice for planting plastic trees or plastic plants. Because we do not get any benefit from plastic trees. Rather, planting plastic trees or plastic plants only causes harm. Instead of plastic trees or plants, we should plant living trees or plants. Because they give us oxygen, they give shade to trees, living trees give us fruits to eat, they give houses for birds and many medicines are being made from their bark. , and these trees are being used in many works. And their leaves are sometimes of great use. By planting a living tree, you will serve those trees like a child. If you take care of them, then you will also love the tree and you will get to see the atmosphere of freshness around your house and if you wake up from your bed in the morning, you will get fresh air from the tree and your whole day will be good.highest oxygen producing indoor plants in india. best 8 benefits of planting trees.

Trees say if you saved us today. So we will take your future generation as a child. Or if you keep destroying us like this, then you will also be destroyed. We keep on serving you without taking anything from you, even when we die, we go by giving you our wood, the same if you plant a plastic tree, then you will not get anything from it. Rather, it will get spoiled in a few days and only after throwing it will work. And if you burn a plastic tree. So there will be more air pollution than that. And if the plastic tree is thrown in the field, it will continue to study there for thousands of years. This plastic tree does not end quickly. If seen, plastic is spreading all around us today. To make it work, we should use a bag made of paper. In this way plastic will have to be boycotted so that in the coming time our environment remains good and healthy, then come together, trees should be planted and our Mother India land should be made green. oxygen trees in india

Because the honey causative gases on our earth must have been consumed or the sick caused by the gases will prove to be a very factor. Some people cut us off just for the sake of us that we make dirt in their house like our leaves, our branches  or our deceit. This is not our filth, it is very useful for you, from all this, expensive medicines are made, so come with us, take the pledge to plant trees and let your country India be filled with plants from tree to tree so that we all do not lack oxygen and Thank you for reading this article to spend our life happily trees plants info