How to put a Christmas tree in your home

How to put a Christmas tree in your home

Are you also thinking of planting a Christmas tree at your home, then we will tell you some initial things that will help you in planting the tree? This is how you can take care of the Christmas tree, adopt this method and Christmas trees are not only very beautiful to look at, but they also add beauty to your home. If you want to see it green, then definitely pay attention to the methods mentioned here. highest oxygen-producing trees in India

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Christmas tree care

There are many such trees, which work to enhance the beauty of not only the house but also of your garden. One of them is Monkey Puzzle Tree, which is also known as Christmas Tree, most people plant Christmas trees in their houses to see their beauty and also decorate it during the festival. The leaves of the Christmas tree are very sharp. Which is very difficult to touch.12 oxygen trees named in India.

Most people plant this Christmas tree inside the house or on the terrace or in the garden. However, according to the material, there are different benefits to applying it in the house. This plant looks very attractive in a cone shape.{ Trees Plants Info } On the other hand, some people do not take proper care of these plants after planting them. Due to this, its leaves get spoiled. Not only this, many times it dries up in the pot itself. So let’s know how to take care of the Christmas tree. 12 oxygen trees name in india

Keep these things in mind while planting a Christmas tree

To keep the Christmas tree healthy, one should know the right way of planting it. The root of the Christmas tree does not go deep into the ground. So do not shift the Christmas tree pot from one place to another again and again. In fact, doing so can shake the roots. Due to this trees can also be harmed. In the beginning, take the support of a pillar while applying it. {TREES PLANTS INFO } Apart from this, if you want, you can also apply it by taking the support of the wall. Instead of planting it in the ground, it would be better to plant it in a pot, in fact, by planting it in the ground, it can also fall due to strong wind. best oxygen trees in India

Use of clay for Christmas tree

Christmas tree does not need much water. Therefore, to apply it, use sandy soil and moisture-holding soil. It is advisable to give water to such plants once a week. On the other hand, if the color of the leaves of the plant starts changing from green to yellow, then understand that there is a problem. In this case, take good care of it. Also, instead of keeping it in strong sunlight or shade, keep it in sunlight. Instead of changing the place, again and again, you set it in one place. If you want, you can also change its pot after two years. In the beginning, try to use a pot considering the size of the plant.

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avoid pruning the plant

If properly taken care of the Christmas tree, it becomes very tall. However, some people get annoyed by it and start solving it. Let us tell you that the beauty of the Christmas tree is due to its leaves, in such a situation, cutting it repeatedly can spoil it. It only grows in a cone shape, so you may want to remove the dried lower leaves. This will keep the Christmas tree green and look good as well.

use liquid fertilizer

Nowadays we use organic matter in the form of liquid fertilizers for plant care. You can use those organic fertilizers for Christmas trees. There is no fear of other insects in the Christmas tree, but spider webs are found in this plant. In such a situation, you can sprinkle neem oil mixed with water. You can also make a mixture of dishwashing liquid if you want. Spraying it once a week will be enough. Also, sprinkle liquid fertilizer on the leaves only.

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use of organic fertilizers

You can tell the condition of the plant by looking at the color of the leaves. Actually, the beauty of the Christmas tree is its leaves. In such a situation, if the color of the leaves is changing, then it clearly means that it needs fertilizer. Use organic fertilizer for your Christmas tree as much as possible. Apart from tea leaves, eggshell or dry cow dung can also be used. At the same time, use a limited amount of organic fertilizer in the Christmas tree.

With the help of the tips mentioned here, you can keep the Christmas tree healthy. Also, how did you like this article? Do let us know by commenting and staying connected with Har Zindagi for more such articles.

Good advice If possible, this time on Christmas day, do not plant a tree made of plastic plants but use a living tree instead. Or plant a Christmas tree around you so that the next time you celebrate Christmas Day, you can celebrate with live trees. And also advise the people living nearby to plant live trees.

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